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Blade & Soul Will Be Getting The Warlock Class In New Update

NCSoft is rolling out new content for the Western release of Blade & Soul, which recently went live back in January following a long stint of being live in Korea, China and Japan. The newest update will feature some brand new dungeons as well as the new class, the Warlock. The update is scheduled to go live on March 2. Purchasing the BNS gold will not only enhance the fun factor knowing that you will never have to grind for what you want, but will also allow you to spend more time exploring the finer points of Blade and Soul!


Shacknews gives an overview of what the new content patch will be like for Blade & Soul that they’re calling “Unchained”. The update follows on the “Rising Waters” update that they rolled out shortly after the game’s release for North America and Europe.

There are several years’ worth of updates that the West have yet to receive in their version of Blade & Soul so NCSoft has a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time to play catch-up with the Eastern version of the popular MMO.

However, with a new character class and the brand new dungeon to explore, I doubt gamers in the West will be clamoring for even more content anytime soon. The Warlock class is a combo-focused magician. They don’t have a North American trailer available just yet, but there’s a trailer from when the character was first introduced more than a year ago that gives you an idea of how the class looks and operates, courtesy of Hanson Wang.

The Warlock is capable of using a lot of magic-oriented attacks intermixed with standard physical combos. As demonstrated in the trailer, the flashy magic attacks of the Warlock play out almost like something you would see out of Devil May Cry than the typical mage you see in games like Allods Online, World of Warcraft or Aion Online.

The Warlock will be available as a playable class for the Jin and Lyn races, and according to Shacknews the class will focus more on mid-ranged attacks with some crowd-control abilities and plenty of dark magic thrown in between.

In addition to the new character, the new dungeon will test the mettle of players in Blade & Soul for anywhere between four and six players. The new Naryu Labyrinth is designed for top-tier players who have maxed out their level. The dungeon will take place across three randomly generated stages that will keep players on their toes.

The Unchained update will also contain a patch for the Rising Waters patch, including the addition of a new floor level for Mushin’s Tower. This will allow players to finally complete the tower and face off against Mushin.

Blade & Soul has already managed to surpass more than 2 million registered users for its Western release and the new steady drip of content should keep players engaged as they continue to discover new dungeons and grow their character. You can learn more about the visually stunning MMORPG by paying a visit to


Flood: Major, Causes and effective ways of avoiding effects


With the help of developed mind, people have learnt several ways to use natural presents like Gas, Oil, Forest and many other. But, with the passage of time as the population is increasing they have started using these entire things excessively. In place of use they have started misusing these.  This misuse is not only decreasing the quantity of these resources, but also misbalancing nature as well. This is the reason why whole world in coming under the effect of Global Warming, which shows its existence in several way like tsunamis, floods, earthquakes , hurricanes and landslide. Flood is such a situation which can be caused heavy rain. When people start cutting forests excessively, it increases the temperate on the earth and melts snow on the pikes and it results in flood. In short we can say that it’s human itself who is misusing its mind and capabilities and causing danger for all living creatures.

As the situation is so critical these days that we cannot handle it, only what we can do is keep ourselves in touch with those resources which can aware us about current and upcoming happenings, so that we can pre plan accordingly. There are several water barrier suppliers available these days, which help us in several ways with their services. Some of them offer strong and long lasting flood sheds. Here is how these technical ideas can protect you and your family in such a critical situation:

 Home and Property protection:  these barriers are specially designed to install in such places where these can either save the unnecessary water or change its direction.  These can be install with a specific distance so that it can slowdown the speed of the water easily and decries its volume in such a way that it cannot harm your property and home easily.

Use of flood sheds:  If you haven’t gone through such a critical situation, you must have watched it on your TV screens with the help of any news channel. Some time these channels give useful information on the protection of such a situation. They create such a situation and do practice to facing it.  You can inform your local authority to get some practice on facing flood like situation. They suggest you such items which are specially designed to flood protection purposes, like glass and light weighted aluminum, which remain flexible during such situation.

Flood never comes in a specific area on a specific time, it can come anytime anywhere. The places which are very near to high volume rives needed to protect from its disaster.  The people of such places needed to be pro active and take the assistance of floodgate supplier. These professionals of these situations can provide them protection in advance and save their life. In such a situation people needed to show their team work, by considering that they are working for the betterment of all not for any particular person. Only this feeling of togetherness can help them in coming out of the situation.