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All You Need to Know About Part-Time Nursing Courses

If you want to become a nurse and confused about which country is best for pursing a nursing course then Singapore is the best option. Here you can find several reputed colleges that provide training and education of nurses as well as healthcare professionals.

The nursing courses in Singapore part time help you to learn about clinical work and patient care. The part-time nursing programs are perfect for individuals who want to maintain a full-time job and get an education at the same time.

However, education for this career path mainly includes science disciplines as well as supervised practical training. There are also several specialties in this field that demand additional coursework.

Part time nursing programs are available at different degree levels like associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s. An associate degree program is mainly prepared for the people who are new to this field but most of the part-time programs are planned for practical nurses who wish to advance their training.

A high school diploma or GED is required for the admission of associate’s and bachelor’s programs. To successfully complete the master’s degree programs, you need a bachelor’s degree and RN licensure.

Associate’s degree in nursing

A part-time associate’s degree program in nursing gives training in the care and treatment of patients. You can get the degree of this course is 3-4 years if you are attending the course part time.

In this course, students mainly learn about the human body and its ailments in order to perform devise treatment plans, diagnostic tests, administer medications, and record medical histories.

Bachelor’s degree in nursing

A part-time bachelor’s degree program in nursing builds fundamental theoretical as well as practical knowledge in a wide assortment of medical disciplines and presents students to nursing specialties that can give a foundation for graduate studies.

When a student takes admission on a part-time basis, students complete a bachelor’s degree in 6-7 years. Once you complete this course successfully, you will have complete knowledge about clinical nursing theory, surgical nursing, child & youth care, mental health nursing, etc.

Master’s degree in nurse practitioner

A part-time master’s degree program in nurse practitioner enables all the registered nurses to inflate their practical as well as theoretical knowledge of health care delivery.

This program is going to offer attention in acute care, women’s health, pediatrics as well as other related fields. When you pursue this course on a part-time basis, you earn a master’s degree in 4-5 years.

Therefore, there are several colleges in Singapore that provide government scholarship Singapore which helps in completing the part-time nursing courses easily at low fees.


10 best English Course School in Singapore

When it comes to learning English, one needs to understand that it is not as easy as you had imagined it to be. While it is certainly better than learning difficult languages like Mandarin or Spanish yet, in order to ensure that you are going the right way, choosing right school becomes crucial. Here we have brought you top 10 English course schools from Singapore where you should head over to if you are interested in serious transformations:

Spring College International

Spring College International is one of the best centers for learning English as well as other languages in Singapore. Following the latest curriculum and highly advance learning methodologies, Spring has managed to grab a large number of students from Singapore and nearby countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Russia, China, Hong Kong,Taiwan, Malaysia, Laos, Mongolia, Mymmar, Cambodia and up to 20 different countries.

JE Educational College

Internationally accredited college, JE Educational center was established in 1986 and also provides wide range of English language courses for local as well as International students. The average student to teacher ratio is 15:1, which is quite an indicator of their education level and attention being paid to each student.

Language Works English Courses

Located in downtown Singapore, Language works is another centre offering courses customized to the learning needs, industry and objectives. They provide training courses for English for communication, sales and customer service language skills and business purposes.

British Council Singapore

Located on Napier Road, the British Council Singapore is an excellent English language and culture education centre for children and adults. The center provides a range of English as Foreign Language and English as 0Second language courses for International and local students all over the globe.

Yago Languages

Another reputed name that has been offering English learning courses as per the level and understanding of each of the students.

Berlitz Language Centre Singapore

Berlitz Methods uses integrated and comprehensive course materials that focus on speaking and learning through practice. They also provide real life relevant content to keep the students motivated.

Lingo School of Knowledge

The Lingo School provides Adult English Language courses, basic English for foreigners, IELTS English Preparation Program, English Phonetics Course, Corporate English language learning and more. Their programs are designed for non speakers or low knowledge students.

Ascend- The English Professionals

Ascend too has been an experienced and expert learning center for students coming from sia, East Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. Usual courses include General English Courses; Intensive and Part time IELTS Courses; Private English Lessons.

Hanbridge School

Hanbridge School promises high quality of education rendered via experienced teachers. They also believe in providing relevant skills and knowledge of global economy.

English Level Test

Online English Level Test which evaluates your English grammar as well as some vocabulary. Once you have completed the test, you will be evaluated and notified what your current level of English is- Beginner or Advanced.


Grants in 2016: The Backbone for Singapore Innovation and SMEs

We have seen Singapore as one of the best hub for initiating and expanding a business. It has always been one of the most friendly and dynamic market for countries all over the world. But for Singaporeans, there cannot be a better place than their home country to start a business and flourish it. The government of Singapore has always been very much concerned about their own economy and has launched several grants till now to add innovation, research and quality to the market. Today we are going to talk about the Capability Development Grant: A unique strategy by government that is helping out small and medium enterprises to bring in giant changes at small prices.

Singapore’s Small and Medium Enterprises, also called as SMEs will stand to gain and benefit in their Research and Development, Human Resource Planning, IT sector and other efforts with an array of grant favors being provides by the grant currently being offered by the government bodies.

A boost to the Small Businesses

For SMEs, the CDG is indeed a fresh hope and great help that is easier to avail. Businesses from all sectors are vouching up to upgrade their operations and management by introducing the much needed advancements and complying with the easier to follow rules and conditions. The grant has only three basic conditions:

The company must be having stake holders from Singapore (30% or more), a turnover of not more than $100 Million or employee head count of less than 200 employees. The Capability Development Grant is being funded by SPRING Singapore and will provide the eligible and legitimate applicant with more than 70% of the funding support for the SMEs upgrading efforts. The grant deals with selected development areas like Technology Innovation, Intellectual Property, Franchising etc.

The application process for this particular grant is $30,000 or even less and paves more simplified way to encourage SMEs to build up some business capabilities.

Defrays high costs of R&D

There are a lot of other schemes that are being run by various governmental bodies for SMEs just like CDG that are helping these firms to defray the cost their Research and Development Capabilities. The schemes have laid a special and stronger focus on Research and Development in general and are specifically aimed to boost the financial stability to the local SMEs productivity and innovation.

Going forwardCDG grant

Apart from this, the CDG grant has helped many small and medium firms to rise up and above from their usual operational procedures and give them a support of more than 70% expenditure support. It clearly means that if you planning to invest some machinery or innovative product in your Human Resource or IT department and seeking an expenditure of $10,000 as an upgrade then you will be needed to pay only $3000 and the rest will be borne by the governmental body itself. Great relief, isn’t it?