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Hot Chinese Wholesale Websites

The fact that Chinese products achieve a successful market around the world is widely agreed. In the past, Chinese products were usually exported through trading companies and it was usually after several procedures when Chinese goods arrived in foreign customers. Now, however, with the development of China wholesale online websites, buying directly from Chinese wholesale company is much easier and makes the selling prices lower by cutting down the other procedures charges. Now, there are dozens of Chinese wholesale companies on the list of hot China wholesale online websites. If you want to wholesale from a Chinese wholesale company, then you have to learn the basic feature of this kind of business.

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As the Chinese wholesale export access, leading wholesale online sites, like Alibaba, provide a large bunch of products like clothing and shoes for men and women and a comprehensive system of products return and refund. The various goods options and comparatively cheap wholesale price are the two most main advantages of those wholesale websites in China. But you also have to look into other elements.

First of all, find out the MOQ. This is one key issue for small wholesalers and companies that accept small quantity is more suitable. Apart from the requirement for accepting small quantity, the customization is also the need of small scale wholesale businessmen, which in some conditions is required by large scale wholesalers, for the specific requirements from their clients. The customization Customized brand, label and special specification are accepted to be designed for private clients. The price is based on the quality you require and the quantity you order.  Once sorting out the ones offer fitting MOQ for your aim, look lout the required ordering amount for free shipment. If your order has not achieved that amount, you then should learn about the shipping method and charge of the candidate websites. International shipping method including UPS, DHL are commonly available. Making decisions to choose which type is depending on the type and size of your sourcing goods and the degree of convenience of shipping into your receiving address. The size and delivery speed are also the decisive factor of the express fee and the weight may be the principal factor to calculate the delivery cost. Various express choices are provided by most wholesale companies but the charge rate may not be the same. Some cooperation may charge the express rate at $28 per kilogram, and others may define as $20 per kilogram. Furthermore, some wholesale websites, say Import Express, also provide helpful service to cut down your wholesale express cost by combining your other package or orders into one delivery package.

The availability tending to make it straight forward for customers to achieve goods in anytime they want to and the easy and convenient online sourcing procedures have allowed the Chinese wholesale groups to be the hot choices for international shoes in China wholesale online. If you have certain concerns about the specific details or quality issues, you can make an order of small quantity as samples before large quantity orders.