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How to travel from Singapore to Malaysia

This beautiful constitutional Monarchy in Southeast Asia is worth visiting at least once in your life time. With total landmass of 329,845 square kilometers, there is plenty to explore and see in Malaysia. South China Sea divides the country into two parts i.e. Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo. Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia share borders with this exquisite country that attracts tourists from around the world. Genting Highlands, Johor Bahru, Lnagkawi and Malacca are the most famous places that this country has to offer. All in all, your Malaysia tour from Singapore will be a memorable experience.


There are plenty of ways to travel from Singapore to Malaysia and the number of options might vary depending upon your budget and your preferences. You could choose a Malaysia package tour from daily air-conditioned departures and taking the train for travelling purpose is a bit safer but has less fun in it. Therefore, the best option that you are left with is to travel by bus which is a relatively more real experience as compared to flying. This is just to make sure that your Malaysia tour from Singapore if full of adventures, thrills with a bit of hiking in it.

There are a lot of Malaysia tour package that one can choose from the given options and they vary according to their prices, number of days in the tour and other factors. You will get all sorts of luxuries on the modern motorway and the Malaysia package tour will pay off its price as you get to collect the memories of your tour. The departure and arrival times of the buses are different so it gives you a bit if freedom to choose an option according to your schedule. Express bus travel guides will be of great help as you travel from Singapore and arrive in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia tour from Singapore starts as you depart at Golden Mile Complex and most of the coaches will arrive at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS). This is just to help you get familiar with the places and do a bit of research on your own about these landmarks. Once you get familiar with them, you can also get the services of some non-stop express bus services to save some time in travelling. That way, you get to skip some places by taking shortcuts but it saves you time that you can spend in Malaysia.

Most often, it is the case that the travel time of Malaysia package tour is between 4 to 5 hours but it can change a little depending on the traffic. The departure times of the buses and their whole schedule can be found online easily. Whether you want to take the bus with normal route or the one that doesn’t stop in the way is your choice. But using this travel guide, you can pretty much get an idea about the routes and travel policies. It is your duty to check with the bus company beforehand to do the booking.