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Is Usability at your Website Holding your Down?

Is Usability at your Website Holding your Down?

Usability and website designs are interlinked. Not having a usability-driven website to your business can be frustrating and tends to lose out a lot of customers, even if everything else is good.  On the other hand, having a brilliant usability design can help to push the sales as well as promotions phenomenally!

The same concept applies to your website as well. Learn more about it.

How do you provide easy usability?

Good usability encourages the users not to just linger for longer but click more times. This means you will not need infinite scroll feature like many other websites using these days because none of us loves to be misled into reading more trap! The final choice is to be made between clicking is to be made with the users and not you! Avoid the mandatory ads that track down the user experience. No one wants to stay on a webpage that has more ads and less content.

It is the best promotions:

Online check out systems of your website should have a page that encourages order and is seamless, and not pushing it to your face. No one should feel the need to Google where to search and order something on your website. Everything should be self-explanatory. Alternatively, you can try adding a page on how to use your website if it is complicated.

Remember the human

Reverse Psychology is one effective way to accomplish comprehensive usability. Remember and recall the worst website you have ever visited. Note what you hated the most about it. Design a good website according to these points in mind. If your website requires flashy Java or Adobe Flash then try replacing it with basic HTML. Make it work on slow Internet connection and designs for all kind of users as well.

Integrate multiple e-payment methods

There are numerous online stores and companies in the market today and if you are a startup then it is best to use more than one e-payment methods to grab more customers. Do not force them to stick to some particular payment mode like Freecharge, Mobiquick or any other. Just pour into the options to your website and don’t force the users.

Test – and test again

You can never have enough testing and complete testing is a myth. Keep testing by switching machines, internet speed or browsers. Test with professional and nonprofessional users and keep tabs on links whether they are working fine or not. There should not be any programming error in working with links.

Straight to the point

Adding unwanted and unnecessary click systems is one of the most frustrating things you can do with your designs. A genuine portal can be easily distinguished from a click bait website. Legitimate business always arrives at their points and that’s why, try to curate all the content on a single page, until and unless, there is an actual reason not to fit all of it at one place. Titles like “click next to find out more” or “find out what happens next” are signs of spam and should be avoided.