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Modern car accessories you should buy

Modern car accessories do not just decorate the interior and exterior of the car, making it exclusive, but provide additional ease of use of certain features and options of equipment, increase comfort and driving safety. They take into account individual preferences and habits of the owner of the car, and they can also share in clothing accessories in the strong and the weak half of humanity. What are the accessories for the car? Overseas Union has a full range of car alarms and other accessories that you should buy:

Accessories for cars, which are needed by all drivers

The list of standard additional property, which should be in every driver includes:

  • Medical kit for first aid to the victim in an accident;

  • Seasoned extinguisher disposed inside the vehicle;

  • Tow rope for the emergency evacuation of the machine;

  • Reflective warning sign on a car breakdown;


Auto accessories- Driver’s assistant

The electronics industry offers a large number of different techniques to facilitate the work of the driver and increase the safety of driving. These car accessories retail shop in Singapore include:

1. Onboard recorders

Qualitative registrar will provide a good and legible record of road conditions. The quality of recorded material depends more on the way, and the camera attachment points. It is important that when driving recorder did not hesitate and did not tremble. Recording can be viewed at any time and provide it as proof of his innocence in the event of disputes in the assessment of the offense with the traffic police or other participant accident. We must remember that this is an objective witness of all traffic violations.

2. Navigators

Virtually all modern cars equipped with the new GPS navigators at the factory, but on some models, producers leave the buyer the right to their own choice. Branded navigation receivers are reliable helpers and guides the driver in an unfamiliar city, they will pave the route of movement in all weather conditions, taking into account “traffic jams” and variations crossing streets mode has a reverse movement.

3. Auto-refrigerators

For those who love to travel with your own car, it is necessary automobile refrigerators. They make it possible to carry with them a certain amount of food and store them in a cold or hot. Available in a variety of types of refrigeration accessories for cars, which differ according to the principle of operation, functionality, volume, shape and appearance design.

4. Adapters for connecting electrical appliances

All additional electrical consumers are connected usually to a single cigarette lighter socket. Splitters – to be able to simultaneously include several accessories for cars, adapters are used. They allow you to charge the cell phone on the road, without turning off the radar detector and get travel simultaneous execution of multiple desires.

5. Media centers, players and recorders,

Without the music center is impossible to imagine a modern car. Music on the trip so went into the habit of drivers and passengers, the radio and the audio system are considered an integral part of the vehicle. Various companies produce a wide variety of types and models to suit all tastes.